Help paying for a funeral costs in 2017

Paying for a funeral is never ideal and the expenses are a heavy burden for anyone to have to pay for. The funeral costs mount up and some range in price from £3,000 + and for some poor income families this can be a struggle, especially if the death is unexpected. Help with knowing how to fund a funeral care costs, like a FuneralGuide, can assist in not spending extra money unnecessarily.

Funeral Payments: What you’ll Get

The UK government help with funeral cost and provide money for burial fees, burial plot choices, cremation fees and even down to the doctor’s certificate. This lump sum of cash or direct payment is worth £700 + and can be ideal for those needing assistance with an unexpected death in the family.

What Happens When You Can’t Pay the funeral care costs?

When there isn’t anyone to help you pay for the funereal the Government usually cremate the body, and this means there won’t be flowers, short service and no body to bury.

Applying for financial assistance with funeral costs?

The Government scheme for funeral payments help low income people and usually this falls into those who are on benefits. This however will not cover the whole bill and is something to consider, although many in low income families often overlook this. The normal percentage of funds needed on top of the funded funeral costs are usually 60% or more, which is a lot for some poor families who have an unexpected death in the family.

The process of claim for funeral care?

There is a time bar for receiving a funeral payment from the government and you will have 3 months before the funding cannot be accessed. Visit the website for eligibility and in Northern Ireland it is slightly different.